Cannot retain information

A friend of the family gave me some textbooks on different types of insurance. They want me to get certified and work for them. For the life of me I cannot retain anything. I read the same paragraphs over and over again and just can’t put it all together. It’s more than frustrating, it’s depressing. I’ve taken iq tests and score well, definitely well enough that I should be able to do this.


I’m not sure what country you’re in, but here in Canada the different types of insurance have minimal overlap. Each type of insurance is sort of a puzzle piece. Your personal property and liability insurance comes from either a home or tenant insurance policy. It will exclude things like business or auto insurance. Your auto insurance covers damage to your auto (if you purchased this) and liability for injury or damage caused to others, but doesn’t cover your stuff being stolen out of the car in most cases (home/tenant covers this). If you’re running your business out of your home you need a commercial general liability policy, that covers stuff the home or tenant policy doesn’t. If you’re a doctor you’ll need a separate type of insurance called professional liability. You’ll also hear this called errors and omissions or malpractice coverage.

Make sense?

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I struggle with the same issues. I have trouble reading because my mind has issues with abstract thinking. I can’t paint a picture in my mind, I feel blank and my memory is sh-it.

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All that made sense yes. Im in the U.S. and I’m trying to learn health, life and Medicare. I think it might be the text book. Everything’s kind of vague and they ask questions that seem to require intuition rather than recall. Maybe I’ll ask for an answer key and work backwards.

It’s so frustrating smh.

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I don’t understand insurance at all. In 2021, I accidentally hit a guard rail (long story) which messed up the left side and especially the left corner of my car, so it had to be towed because the left rear tire was at an angle.

So I’m covered with Geico, right? Well, I should have been. They tried to do this “Total Loss” crap. This means they send a check to the repair shop and a check to me to buy another car. Well, I didn’t want another car and the amount wasn’t worth it. Well, long story short, I had to take care of it. I found a third body shop (the first 2 refused to repair) that actually did a good job repairing my car. They ripped me off, though. I paid $11,000 out of pocket (I have a lot of saved up). Then, I go to Geico Facebook page and comment about my case, and a Geico worker apologized and apparently contacted my insurance agent because he suddenly sent me an e-mail with a link to get re-imbursed about $6,500 and it showed up in my bank account like instantly.

Wouldn’t it have been easier if they just followed my policy and towed it to a body shop and covered the repair costs?


I retain what I read better when I take notes/summarize what I just read.

It also helps me if I can explain [briefly] to another person the concepts.

That’s me, everyone learns differently, don’t give up


I used to be a bookworm now I can’t even read a chapter of a book. The part of my brain that could read is broken.

I can however listen to audiobooks.

I have an app that reads aloud pdf files on my phone too in case I ever need to.


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