Cannot contact Care Coordinator

What am I supposed to do?

He refuses my calls and never phones back

I have a medicine query and I think he’s avoiding me

Should I complain?

He must be working or his phone would be switched off

I would contact reception to get a message through … say you’re finding it difficult to get hold of him… if you have his mobile maybe text ? I understand the frustration as my team is the same its been difficult lately to get through to them

It’s so annoying. I am on hold with reception but it’s probably too late now as it’s nearly 5pm


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I would try to call 111 or even the GP to say you’ve been struggling to get advise … im sorry about the situation

The GP surgery is closed at the moment. I am not sure if 111 can help.

I will have to try and get hold of somebody.

Really don’t want to take things into my own hands, as I need these people to help me not be stupid

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Have you tried the crisis line ?

I spoke to them two days ago, and they said someone will be in contact with me, but nothing.

Will try them again now and see if I can get through


The person I spoke to was nice. She couldn’t really do a lot though

However I have just emailed the care coordinator and copied in the complaints people with a closing line of:

‘I hope I have a relapse and die this time.’

I really do mean that. I tried to take an overdose in March, but I failed to do it properly. Now my meds have been taken away from me and I only get 1 week at a time from my mother.

This is going to be very calculated.

My holiday with my parents is on the 3rd September. I am going to have a nice break, and when I get back things will be going nuclear. I promise that much and mean it.

I am so angry right now

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Im really sorry you are struggling … its good to copied in the complaints people so your care coordinator knows someone else has seen this … hope you get your queries answered soon

Thanks @anon80629714 they don’t make things easy do they!

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