Cannibal warlords

Kid comes out of the cursed womb, becomes five, gets his heart cut out of his chest for no reason.

Me, im going to go to the grocery store and buy some food and then come home and ingest a sleeping pill in my nice home.

Is nothing fair here? Nothing at all? Not a goddamn thing?

Who in the ■■■■ would keep doing this ■■■■?!

The craziest part about liberia is when the kid gets his heart cut out and devoured the idiot evil mother just has more, she thinks “well, my kids dead again! Better have another!”

I fear that if man’s ■■■■■ is not severed from his body we’ll never escape this hell hole.

Did you want to be the first to set the example?

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It’s already done.

Im one of the few not doing it.

Your female aren’t ya.