Cannabis tells cancer to kill itself

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Cannabis tells cancer #420noscopemuthafucka GTFO N00B

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It’s official when the FDA says it’s official:

I would be cautious about using a UK tabloid for medical guidance. This is the same bunch that publishes shots of The Royals in their skivvies.



Medical marijuana is legal and available in Croatia from yesterday.


I had medical marijuana in my marriage (divorced now). I still get some weed once in a while but mostly I stay straight. As far as cannabis making cancer turn on itself I don’t know. I know there are many friends who smoke pot daily in their older years and never have cancer though.

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WOW! that’s just crazy! Croatia is part of the EU right?

Edit: Well, doesn’t make a difference on second thoughts, considering Portugal and the Nethrlands are EU countries as well. Won’t make a difference for me (in DK mstill).

But that’s so cool I guess

They got pretty strict rules about its usage.

Yeah, but in Portugal is not legalized, it’s just not criminalized. You can’t go to jail for having it, but if the cops catch you want to you’ll end up without it. If you plant it, probably just go to a psychologist and to court, but very it’s unlikely to go to jail for it.

That’s odd. What is between ‘legalized’ and ‘criminalized’ ?

Ever been high with a psychopath in your head torturing you? It’s not very nice at all. ■■■■ gets really bad in there when there is pot and psychopaths torturing you in your head, it’s rather frightening to say the least.

They can take you down there to where you don’t want to be.

Just imagine being blitzed and having the meta physical alien clown from “it” torturing you, just wrap your mind around that. The mother ■■■■■■■ eat fear basically, don’t want those guys around when you are stoned not fun.


Its like… you can have up to 5 grams with you for consumption. Over that and they keep it. Dealing is against the law so if you have more than 5 grams they cas assume its for selling.

Does it say that to lung cancer?

Years ago, I’ve read or heard that marihuana shrinks tumors, but I think smoking it causes problems too. It’s best to vaporize. Also marijuana ■■■■■ up your brain. I have a psychotic disorder so I will not try marijuana. I will wait for gw pharmaceuticals to try cbd.

the word used more often is decriminalized… meaning it’s not a crime, but it’s not necessarily legal either… it’s just that it has been bumped closer to legality by lessening the punishments of possession.

Totally legalized is what happened in colorado and I believe washington state.

California is a decrminalized area… (so is my town out here in kansas) you’ll only get a ticket unless its a state trooper passing through who catches you

There are no links to any sources from what I saw on there…

it also says marijuana kills 20,000 people world wide each year…

Someone must have been stoned writing that thing


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