Cannabis: More people seeking treatment as strength doubles



In before the pro cannabis brigade lol.


Do I think cannabis should be legalised? Yes

Should people respect it as a substance that is mind altering? Assuredly


Some people have a predisposition to bad effects from a given substance. Some people really shouldn’t use certain substances.

Good ayahuasca shamans don’t give it to schizophrenics. Is just not healthy for them


No one is saying cannabis doesn’t cause psychosis. The evidence for that is clear. The evidence on the hypothesis that cannabis causes schizophrenia is not clear, and insomuch that it is clear, it does not support the hypothesis.


Says people who have clearly never done acid.


I thought I used to smoke pretty good weed in the 90s. I smoked weed with Tommy Chong’s son and used his same supplier. Those days are long gone. Never again!


I never said it causes schizophrenia. I got a diagnosis of substance induced psychosis, initially, from salvia, skunk weed, and some shaman like substance 8 years ago. I can’t blame everything on marijuana, but my trip was really bad. I thought I almost died or went crazy. I also thought it was laced or something.

Mine was like a bad acid trip. I’ve never done that stuff and never would. But I have a feeling /paranoia that I was given it sometimes. I rather not talk about it. I’m not even sure.

It was only a couple years ago/few years ago that I remembered the shaman thing. I completely forgot about it. Not sure how much I had. But it must have done something to me with all the other stuff. My previous psychologist thought I had brain damage from synthetic marijuana but I never tried it – as far as I can tell.

I still think all this stuff is dangerous and should be regulated.

I ruined my life in one day. I had no history of mental illness. Nobody in my family is schizophrenic except me.


That’s usually how schizophrenia presents itself.


I told my friend that cannabis has doubled in strength in this article he doesn’t know where to know any to get some of new stuff even though medical card. Has not doubled in strength. Still only 31 or 32% thc is the maximum at the dispensary.

And acid is pretty crazy bro. You must have got some bunk tabs If you think any marijuana can compare. Acid is just insane. Makes schizophrenic hallucinations look like child games.

There’s some truth to this article I’m guessing. But do they really have to say modern day marijuana compares to lsd??? Like really??


Ive heard all the horror stories about smoking weed and Sz - and found it to be bunkum for me.I self-medicated for anxiety mainly - and it used to help. I only quit cos i was spending too much money on it - and went on CBD oil instead.


I just tend to ignore articles from biased sources that don’t present 100% facts. Show me an article with NO propaganda. That argues against weed. Even when they get a tidbit that backs up their cause, they have to water down the article with lies like cannabis has doubled in strength because they finally heard about live resin?? Lol what. And that it compares with an lsd trip. The “war on drugs” is a sad comedy to me at best. If it were a movie.


Even more so than pro cannabis, am I pro freedom. And anti lies. And pro truth. …

But at the end of the day, people aren’t going to change their minds much. Just as I’m not gonna change because a bs article I don’t expect anyone else to change much. But enjoy debating and spreading truths.


The weed and the cigarettes are all jacked up since i was a teenager. Back in the day, you used to get a slight buzz after toking, and smokes had less nicotine as well.

I think today’s youth are growing up with much more potent recreational drugs…getting hooked faster…etc. Just my opinion though, as someone who has been around the block for 50 odd years or so.


I agree that brains developing shouldn’t smoke weed. Which is why in states like Washington they ID you so hard at the door. Making sure you’re 21. With legalization, adult use seems to go up but kids use goes down. Take that as you may.


This is an article from Ireland. Maybe their weed really is more potent. Sounds like there isn’t an Irish member that can speak to this. But if these people in Ireland keep smoking weed like chimneys, there may be soon.


This isn’t scientific research, it is sociological/observation. I believe where there is smoke there is fire. I have had a mellow acid trip before. I am not trying to ruffle feathers here. This is just a public service message for Ireland. I personally do not like pot because it always triggered my hallucinations. I did vote to legalize it in California eventhough I advise against smoking it.


I apologize I didn’t mean to point the response at you. I wasn’t trying to kill the messenger. But rather disagree with some points on the message.

Marijuana has helped cause the two best periods of my life. Before 18 I had bad mental health. The next 1 1/2 years I smoked weed only. Had good mental health those years. Then I wanted lsd to speed up the process my life went downhill. Continued the hallucinogens and drinking. Smoked less weed. Those were the worst years of my life. Now I’m on the right meds and only marijuana works again for me. I suppose we are all biased toward our experience. And we are all anomaly’s. So there’s that. Because each individual is unpredictable.


So more people are smoking it because its becoming legal?

Better access to better weed maybe !


I’m not going to argue with people who think we should give heroin to heroin junkies because it’s morally the right thing to do. It’s stupid. It should be regulated and will always be. Just in the news headline today: “more Americans likely to die of opiod overdose than in a car crash”.

If you want to smoke pot go ahead. You can find all sorts of sources saying it can increase the risk of psychosis or trigger it and hear anecdotal stories all over the web, including mine, that it can cause psychosis.