Cancer - eat yourself before the dogs eat you

I hate dogs - my therapist loves them.

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Sounds like a cat I knew - may she rest in peace.

have you got cancer chordy? :frowning: hope not. xxxxxxxxxx

No, but I get headaches that make me wonder. I would never go to a doctor about cancer, though. The treatment is harsher than the disease itself. At my age, I would not be willing. I’d rather work on where I got the low self esteem that made me allow dogs to begin with.

yeah the treatment isn’t pretty my fther got bowel cancer went in for pains ended up having his bowels removed shits in a bag now and is in pain.
I adore dogs its not undconditional love cause you have to walk them and feed them
but it nearly is.
however my dog knocked me over at the dog park today it was highly embarrassing LOL

Well, I’m getting older and it’s not easy to jump up every time the dogs bark to go out - in and out, in and out, all day. Their insistence is really annoying, they have a voodoo way of barking that says “I’m biting your arm until you do this for me.” I swear they think man was put on earth to serve dogs.

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Maybe next your house should get a cat with a cat door next. Dogs really like to live outdoors where they can play-hunt the squirrels.

Low self-esteem - I could use an answer to that. Remember Princess O? She talked about Mr. Low Self Esteem. I miss her wisdom and grace. I guess she had some things of her own to figure out.

We do have a cat. After she bit me several times, I refused to take care of her.

Ah…I’ve never had a cat who bit. Maybe the many people are too much for her.

Who is Princess O?

Remember Princess Obsidian who used to be on the old site. She was very talented in speaking to everyone’s psychological dealings - either either a moderator or the equivalent of one. She became bullemic + last I heard she was headed for a hospital in Las Vegas. I keep thinking she might show up again. But maybe she’s been here, done this.

I have known a cat that bit. He was adopted from a college kid who didn’t want him., and didn’t have the best upbringing from kittenhood. Like people, animal’s behavior often stems from how they were raised and early relationships with people.

you didn’t kick her did you man?!?!?

Cats hate it when people do that .

Yeah dogs need commitment like no other pet. Then there’s the vetenary bills.

No. But I think I feared her a little after I heard she was wild.