Cancelling social plans. Need advice

I cancelled my social plans today because I am having severe anxiety/panic and I just can’t get myself to take a shower either.

I feel awful. I wish this wasn’t happening. I have not canceled any social plans with my new friends until today. I was doing so well. What if this keeps happening?? What if I lose my friends?? What if I can’t leave the house or drive again??

Should I take a prn?

Take a breath bro… Its not that deep … your just loosing perspective :pensive:

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I just hate this. I was doing better with anxiety . Now this. I’m panicking. I better take a Xanax prn. I know my friends will be like “oh we don’t want her with us anymore because she cancels plans.” I am freaking out I can’t calm down

And I hate taking Xanax. I don’t want to feel tired but I am losing my mind here

Take a PRN if you need to.

Don’t stress yourself anymore than you have to.

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What if it doesn’t? What if your friends understand that you might cancel every now and then? What if you’re fine leaving the house and driving? There’s the chance everything will be fine.


Anxiety is about the future. So just try to be present about today.


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