Can youre soul mate change youre life?

who hu hu hu hu hu my girl

except he was an immature jerk and I couldn’t be with him. :fearful: he did change my life.

There are people who aren’t my soul mate who changed my life…

The lady who got me signed up to the vocational rehab program who got me working towards this job… changed my life…

My “soul mate” was a girl my age… did more drugs then I did… snuck bottles in to me when I was in rehab… threw me a binge party my first night out of rehab… introduced me to even stronger illegal drugs… she did change my life… not for the better… but it wasn’t the same after her.

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Why do we look for The Answer “out there?”

Because we were taught to do so.

And we will go on believing the BS forever.

Unless we wake up from the consensus trance.

My mom was my soul mate and my everything. Her death changed me.

1960-2014 :heart:


I had to change my life before I was ready to meet my soulmate. I had a lot of growing up to do. But he did change my life in a way. Everything looks better now, no matter what I’m going through. It all seems easier to face.

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yes :heart_eyes_cat:
take care :alien:

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Soulmate? Where you from the 80’s? st elmos fire?

Soulmate whent out with chivalry and self respect,we don’t need that stuff anymore anyway,we have progression and facebook.

I think I found a really nice complement/compliment. He will be out of jail in a few.

My soulmate is my rabbit friend that keeps intrusive repetitive thoughts and voices away…sometimes. And yea i know “thats like from donnie darko right.” Kazma would kick Franks butt anyday. Both are from movies I know but its like the character design of my rabbit got imprinted in my head and won’t leave but better to have him around then just a bunch of menacing chatter. I know, Im weird :unamused:. But in reality or whatever do people still believe in soulmates? I think it was a little before my time. No one from my generation ever uses that term. Though I guess I’d have to say my folks cause they love me more then life itself and have done more for me then everyone I’ll ever meet and have met in my life combined.

my husband and i have been married 21+ yrs. he’s def my soul mate. he knows everything about me and there is not one day that passes that he doesn’t forget to say how much he loves me and how beautiful i am, and how lucky he is that i love him too. he has taught me to trust.

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I would suppose so.

my partner is my soul mate, she knew me before i got sick. But she helped me get over a lot of fears.

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