Can your case manager take away your housing?

I live on a disabled section 8 voucher. Been doing so for 2 and half years. About a year and a half ago I was involuntarily commited. The doctor in the hospital thought I should live with 2 other females who were mentally ill. I declined.
I just got a new therapist/case manager. She asked me what my future goals are. I told her to buy a house in which I’m saving for. She got this freaked out look and asked me “if I thought I was ok to be on my own”. This has me really paranoid. I think she also so the hospitals notes because she doesn’t really know me well enough to make that assumption. Should I be worry about losing my voucher and being placed back in a group home? Can they do that?

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I should add that I have been taking meds since my involuntary commitment. So I am med compliant( even though I don’t have to be legally speaking). Plus I lived alone for a year completely off my meds.

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The only way they can control your housing is if the court decides that you aren’t capable of taking care of yourself. Only then can they decide where you live.

There are rules for Section 8 concerning eligibility. If you break a lease, go more than three months without a place, etc. If you end up in the hospital too long you can lose it.


I am very section 8 rule compliant. I have not had a run in with courts since I was 15. Which II received a diversion for (minor and consumption).
It seems like the most logical course of action. Once the house is paid for and I sell, section 8 takes a portion of what the house is sold for. So basically your paying back the government plus I take a small percentage. Its a win win situation for everybody. I don’t understand why she is giving me a hard time