Can you take the lead or are you a follower?

I’m interested in leadership.
I tend to be a follower but I might need to be a leader at work one day in the near future.
But I’m afraid of being one and want to get away from the responsibility.
But at the same time,I want to face the challenge.
How to overcome the fear and be a good leader?

Anyone here takes the lead at work/school?

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I am definitely not a leader or dominant personality. I find it very hard to take charge and show initiative.

It’s overrated.

I have a long history of management roles. Always been happy starting at the bottom and working my way up. Getting to management stage the stress sends me over the edge all the time. One thing you don’t get to learn till you get there is. Will always be someone above you and they make you very accountable for every single person below you. Just becomes a pass the buck game to lower levels in higher management.

Very gun shy on it. So last job I just acted as a temp replacement in supervisory roles.

If your serious on getting your feet wet. Fast food chains like mcdonalds have some decent management programs. Also get paid while your training. It’s no college education though which may(will) get you a lot further.

Definitely not a leader. Do not like being the center of attention at all.

I hate being a follower and I do well as a leader. That was before I got sick though. My shifts made the most money. Basically because I’d send people home and take on/distribute the work load. The best drivers didn’t give a ■■■■ they made more in tips. Some drivers couldn’t handle it though. Jimmy johns was a viscous and under payed job.

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I’m generally a leader and rarely a follower. I don’t always lead though I just do my own thing

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I am also not a leader type person,I can’t handle the stress of management…I wish I could though.Being a leader,manger or boss is not easy for some people,you need to have dominant personality,at least some degree of aggressiveness and assertiveness,that’s what I see from my manager…

I prefer to follow a good leader.
As long as they are efficient and fair, I will be their best support person.

In the past, at a shop I worked at, went through two managers in the 6 months I was there.
Before the 2nd one left, she told the owner to make me the new manager. Thisbeing myfirst real job, I declined, but they insisted.
The assistant manager quit when she found out because she had been there 6 years.
I managed the shop for 9.5 years. The stress of it all was the precursor to being symptomatic enough to quit and get SSDI.

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Sorry to hear that but you managed to hold the job as a manager for 9 years that’s pretty awesome and you deserve some recognition…haha

i think i am a leader, but a leader can also feel weak. a leader needs to get theyr ■■■■ togheter! With the right motivation, i think leadership would be fun

I think that I am primarily a leader - I never really liked to follow, but my limitations sometimes forces me to follow others - I dont like it

I don’t really think of myself as either.

I don’t like following and I’m not very good at it… I’m always highly surprised when people follow me… or do as I ask.

I don’t like to just jump in and take the lead… why do things have to be led around.

I understand for a job… yes. But in other situations in life… I end up pondering.

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i can lead but in social situations i dont like to be center of attention, i get along with everyone and im usually the one thats asked for advice