Can you take clozapine with another AP?

Can you take clozapine with another AP?

I know of some people that have been on Clozapine with another AP, so I believe that the answer is yes.

I take Clozapine with Ziprasidone. Need both to be as good as i am today.

@Sezbot241 …what dose of clozapine do you take and what dose of other AP…Ithink this is what my pdoc wants to do

I’ve been on clozapine with a few different APs, I was on clozapine and Latuda, clozapine and ziprasidone, clozapine and Abilify (current combo) as well as clozapine and Haldol

I’m on 300mg clozapine and 5mg Haldol. I only use the Haldol prn when I have breakthrough symptoms.

I take 300 mg Clozapine, which is the max i can go. I take 80 mg od Ziprasidone twice daily.

Yes, you can. I took the Abilify/Clozapine combination.

i am on clozapine and risperdal consta

Yes. I take Invega and clozapine.

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