Can you suggest a good Electric Vehicle?

Mostly i take my mum within 50 mile radius like 99% of the time, she did ask if it will go to the coast and back and it would.

The current cars have about 160-260 mile range, i reckon we will only be able to get a lower spec one about 160mile range, its 40 minutes for a fast charge to 80% full battery i think.

For longer journeys we would have to plan it much more carefully with more stops and waiting times to charge.

Those specs are based on the storage capacity of a new battery. It drops as they age. Range also drops precipitously in winter as cold reduces the efficacy of storage cells. Make sure you look to see how far your vehicle will go in four years during a cold snap.

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we’ll only be keeping the car 3 years on the Motability scheme and then hopefully the range will increase in new models when that time comes.

Our government allows people on High Rate Mobility Component trade that benefit for a Motability Car on the Motability scheme,

You have to have a very good reason to get a car, it can also be used for Motability Scooters, or just use the extra money to pay for any motability needs a person may have.

Man, I’d love to have some sort of scheme like that. I pay a king’s (fool’s?) ransom for a car that I barely drive these days. Vlad the Impala spends most of his time parked. Takes me about three months to use a tank of petrol if I average it. I’ve tried to configure my life around as much walking as possible, even for getting groceries (I use a small hand truck for that).

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The car has a downside though and that is that i am only supposed to use it for my mother but sometimes it doesnt always work out that way, there is an element of trust involved but they do allow a little flexability

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Tesla or the new Ford truck! 🛻

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I’m looking at the Hyundai, it looks pretty good, i think i’ll take my mum to a dealership on Saturday :slight_smile:

If you’re referring to the Kona Electric, it was a pleasant test drive. Better than the more expensive Tesla.

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Tesla baby.


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