Can you suggest a good Electric Vehicle?

My mums dog doesn’t have enough room in the car so we might be getting a new car, an electric vehicle I think :slight_smile:

any suggestions?

I like Chevy bolt! But Tesla’s are probably the best atm

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My brother has a Honda civic hybrid. They love it


I am pretty confused by all this new technology but I can see its potential,

I prefer minivans. I want Tesla to release an electric minivan, I would consider that.

Tesla could be releasing an electric vehicle that is more affordable.


I like tesla but I heard Ford has a nice new electric truck.

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I test drove a Chevy and two different models of Tesla plus others. The Chev was mint. Felt like a bigger and more expensive car than it was. The Teslas felt poorly built and junky. Rattle rattle squeak squeak. Majority of the controls electronic on a confusing centre screen. You need to take your eyes off road to manipulate, unsafe. No way I’d buy a Tesla when Chev, Ford, VW, and even Hyundai are building higher quality vehicles for less.

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I always wanted an VW e-Golf.

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Its affordable, good specs and I like the design.


I thought we could get an all electric car with a little generator built in somewhere but idk anything about that

You can buy a Tesla’s Electric car in China and BYD also make E-cars in China.

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Those are hybrids. Electric plus combustion. Two power systems to maintain that double your points of failure.


what’s best then? hybrid or all electric?

I suppose hybrid is better if you need more range and need to virtue signal about your environmental cred at the same time. I’m looking to buy electric once the tech matures a bit more.

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well idk about virtue signalling but i am worried about the environment and hoping to save some money,

When i picked the Mercedes i was told that the dog would fit in it but it doesn’t fit in the front floor well properly (its too small) and it refuses to go in the back (itss not trained to do that)

So we need a bigger car, its really tricky bc my mum doesnt want a big car but that’s what we need in order to get more foot room for the dog,

It would have been ok if the stupid Ford Kuga didnt breakdown forcing us to get the Mercedes before our time ran out (its meant to be minimum of 3yrs)

Enough of the hype.
I would never get a Tesla even if I could afford one.

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I seen something on Facebook yesterday. Tesla with 400,000 miles only had 10% battery degradation and original brakes.


You live in the UK so how long distances do you think you will need to travel without charging stops? I think an electric car will be fine, hybrid probably isn’t necessary and will be less environmentally friendly.

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how far does it go and iss there a lot of space in the front footwell?

The savings are tempting, it’s just the range issues that need sorting.

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