Can you study while you are on aps?

İ m always forgeting information that i study before inside of one or two weeks.are any of you guys successfully study while you are on aps?

On risperidone i was able to study at university level, now on haloperidol ans i am a vegetable

Yes I have been able to study on every antipsychotic I have taken so far. On risperidone I had some akathisia which made it hard to sit still but I was able to remember things still. I haven’t found an antipsychotic that works perfectly yet.

Yeah I can and have.

Yes I can, I don’t force to remember or doubt my memories.
All will fall in place.

If I forget, give it some time like 10 to 15 mins by going thought different questions.

One main thing to practice while studying is I should have a peaceful mind and don’t get excited.

Keeping my mind at constant level of (example) Peace. Gets the things done for me.

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I sure did schoolwork. I’ve never wasted my time studying.

You get excited by studying?:face_vomiting:

It’s fun. I audit free courses on EDX whenever I can. Learning is the ultimate luxury.


Once upon a time over the Atlantic I learned a thing or two. Jk I get seasick.:face_vomiting:

İ have trouble about setting goals on study.i read that prefrontal cortex main job is setting goals and follow it.i think my prefrontal cortex damaged or in poor condition

The prefrontal cortex contributes to a wide variety of executive functions, including: Focusing one’s attention . Predicting the consequences of one’s actions ; anticipating events in the environment. Impulse control; managing emotional reactions.

All this action in poor condition at me.

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