Can you still be psychotic on antipsychotics?

How would I know if I’m psychotic while on depot injections?

Even if I had unusual beliefs but they wasn’t causing a problem, just me constantly going over beliefs with my community nurse but no danger to myself would my pdoc just leave me to it if I’m not a problem and the beliefs don’t impact my life. My pdoc says I have residual symptoms, what does this mean?

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Up your dose if you have residual positive symptoms. That’s what I did.

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The medicine doesn’t do ■■■■

pdoc said he don’t want to increase meds as coping well. I told him about the intrusive/obsessive thoughts.

Which thoughts? Are they really delusional?

I have intrusive thoughts that my pdoc is keeping top secret folders on me. I’m a case study, I have microchip in my left armpit (this isn’t as persistent as usual) I believe they are spying on me as they think I’m dangerous and need monitoring. I can’t switch my brain off obsessing about it. Its 2.49am now and tried to sleep. I keep on thinking my housemate has planted drugs in my room. I can’t think why because I like him and I think he likes me? I think its to stitch me up. I don’t know if this is delusional. I’m on the injection so don’t know if it is delusional?

You told all this to your psychiatrist and he said its normal? Its all delusions, seriously.

Yes I agree with Aziz. You need to increase your dosage of your medications. These are all delusions. The other day I had slight hallucinations and delusions because I was newly prescribed Wellbutrin and it affected my dopamine.

I have told all this to my community nurse. I only had a 30 minute Microsoft team meeting with my pdoc the other day with supported housing manager, social worker, pdoc and community nurse. pdoc defiantly knows what I’ve been experiencing, said their residual symptoms and I’m coping well…

Yes, my antipsychotic meds help with the voices but not my unusual beliefs. I still believe there’s two spirits in my head and that my mother in law is going to harm me. Had these beliefs for several years now.

A psychologist I saw once told me that my belief that my mother in law is going to harm me is normal. I never went back to her again. I mean, it’s normal for me, but I know it’s not normal for everyone!

9 years and still going!

I was completely psychotic while taking seroquel. I’m stable on abilify now.

I used to get psychotic everyday. Wasn’t taking enough meds.

It sounds to me like you need an adjustment in your med’s. I’ve been where you are, and it usually turned out bad.

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I take them and still get delusions that are hard to shake

I hate to break it to everyone but unusual beliefs are no psychosis and with hypnosis can be used as indicators as to whether you are making a recovery. Again just walking into the doctor and saying you feel fine doesn’t mean you’ve recovered. Psychiatrists love idiosyncrasies. Your doctor does have files on you and they are confidential, and given your on injection instead of oral sound like your resistant to treatment and maybe you do need to be tracked. Maybe its for your own safety. Criminals lie to stay out of prison, how many do you think are going to avoid being committed. My doctor even admitted that the shuffled the pages in my file so other departments couldn’t know my true health status. It gets shut done without the doctors having to be in constant argue with others about methodology. I don’t know your file and just cause your up late don’t mean squat. Maybe your realizing some life changing news and your just overly excited. Nobody on this forum knows more than you.

I was psychotic for two years on meds when this all started.

Yes I’ve been psychotic on almost every med I took with the exception of a med that quieted the voices for a month or two and then quit working. It’s not always a matter of are there no voices. Sometimes it’s a matter is how well you are doing with the voices you have left.

I was psychotic for years on meds. Now a lot of factors but still on meds. A better combo. Multiple meds works better. Antidepressant, anti anxiety anti drinking and anti psychotic together has made me stable.

And other factors in my life too I’m now stable after years of being unstable on meds