Can you snort antipsychotics?

I know they’re coming out with that nasal spray but it got me thinking why not just crush up our pills and snort them? Or what about boofing them

Why would you do that?

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I dunno that’s why I’m asking

I got in trouble for snorting smarties once.

I woudnt recommend it. Tho some lady i know snorts her pregabalin capsules (but shes always been a bit of a junkie).

Bet it would really hurt your nose. Feel tablets are a bit easier.

It depends on the substance. It has to be water soluble, and it must be absorbable through mucous membranes.

But even if it works, it may be harmful to the nose. For example, some people perforate their nasal septum through cocaine, even though cocaine is not particularly corrosive.