Can you see through someone?

can you see through someone?

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I tend to get taken for a ride by devious people. Am too trusting.


Yeah same here.


Evil people are the most transparent.

Before dealing with people, especially if they’re wanting something from you- no matter how small- is to remember this simple question:
Did you approach them, or did they approach you?


Crooks seek the weak folks out by sizing them up and gaining their confidence, then they start small, asking for minimal things, working their way up as far as you’ll give.
They approach you first.

If they didn’t approach you, it’s more likely they’re not predators seeking out their prey.
You approach them first after carefully observing them in their own field first.

Family are a bit more tricky, like parasites they can be, it’s best never to open the door too wide, or allow them to take over more than you can control.
Spray repellent, and keep your doors closed.

I see a lot of things that probably aren’t there. I’ve been told it’s not good to be trying to read people’s minds like that.