Can you remember last time before you became unwell? Relapse


I guess i’m not worried about becoming unwell again all that much.

I just wanted to relate to someone. I feel lonely but i can’t stand company. I can remember this before other episodes. I am a bit concerned. I just want to sleep or be on my own all the time. I’m not really delusional just slightly obsessed with negative things about myself. I’m slightly worried about my relationship with my husband because i don’t want to be with him but i don’t want to be with my mum either so i don’t really know what to do ? just tell them and then isolate myself until i feel differently?

I also have been having mood swings to energetic as hell and antsy.
from tired, listless, not bothered about anything except getting through the next half hour.

Hi - I’m sure other people will add their own experiences with relapse (becoming unwell again) - but here are some common signs:

I hope this helps.

just about covers how i’m feeling at the moment SzAdmin

I have started taking Levothyroxine. I will reduce the dose again from now. I think if i take too much it affects my mental health. but that is not a normal side effect.

I had a slight problem the other week as well. I took less levothyroxine and felt better. But that is within the last 2 weeks. So either it’s a normal side effect of too much thyroid hormone replacement or i’m starting to relapse. I will cover all that tomorrow with a doctor or psychiatrist or both.

At least it’s friday not saturday tomorrow. perhaps i can talk to someone in the morning. I’m concerned because i have had sudden onset of this depression (unfounded) and sudden onset of total seeking isolation and it’s possible that my concentration is affected as well

Thanks very much!

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Great to hear you’re seeing a doctor tomorrow - keep us posted on how it goes. Its important for everyone to recognize the signs of relapse and act before its too late.

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all my episodes came on very suddenly. one minute i was fine, the next i was floridly psychotic. the last major episode was about telepathy. the voices started doing impressions of everyone around me and they were spot on. looking back, i can hardly believe that i believed in it all but i did. touch wood, i don’t think i’ll ever fall for that delusion again xxx

It’s also very sudden for me, but there is a day where there is a tipping point and I think my team has got me to look out for it.
Whatever is happening it’s a change in mental state, so i’m just a bit worried

spoke to a psychiatrist today and she said to up my anti depressants and anti psychotics for a bit.

I think it is apparently possible to address it early. that is what my team tried to indoctrinate me to believe a long time ago to prevent relapse

It’s been 9 months since I’ve really had my wheels come off and I end up completely out of lucid town. My meds got switched from Latuda to Geodon. It only took a few days and I was crumbling.

Agitation and irritation were the first little creeping vines.

Then hugely restless and jumpy and then I started taking fast and as my sis says… getting emphatic and dramatic about everything.

Then I quit eating and I couldn’t sleep. Usually a glitch day comes on fast and is triggered by something very stressful. It usually doesn’t take long to come out of it.

But November was brought on by a med switch and I could feel myself sinking inch by inch.

This last month August has been a bad month for me. I relapsed in the beginning of the month. I think it was from the stress of the Ramadaan fast in July, and it took its toll on me then I went off my pills for a few days beginning of August, too. The whole month I have been fighting occasional voices and self-harm urges, anger tantrums and lack of motivation and depression. Usually the meds stop these things to some degree, but this month they did nothing.

I just wanted to say good for you on being proactive and learning the signs of what could be a relapse. That takes a lot of courage to seek help when you need it. Good luck on the new dosage.


Agitation and irritation sound like my common red flags at the minute.

It’s the sleeping that is unusual - i can’t stop sleeping at the minute


I can relate to fasting being stressful i can’t do more than a couple of days of intermittent fasting diet without really seeing some symptoms.
Ramadaan is pretty intense.

Also coming off pills is not good at all.

lack of motivation and depression is really getting me down,


I feel like i don’t know how to function at the minute. I feel like i’m begin pathetic really…
I feel like making a rubbish pizza in a horrible way and eating it in a horrible way is massive at the minute. I don’t know if my husband will be able to understand - he has no experience of mental health and has pretty high expectations of me cooking meals etc.

i need to let him know this is not the deal somehow but i’m sure i can put some frozen spaghetti on and some pasta in a few minutes

I remember, though my memories of that time have always been at odds with the accounts of those involved. Lately, I’ve begun questioning my version of the story. Looking at it today, my memory could have been influenced by the illness. I am detached enough now to drop the arrogant idea that my mind and memory are incorruptible.