Can you relate?

Can you relate. Only a schizophrenic can know how far a schizophrenic mind can go. Everyone else is just guessing.


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I think so. I learned to keep a lot of my thoughts and experiences to myself after seeing the looks on peoples faces as I attempt to explain some of them. they have a hard time going the same places my mind will go, sometimes.

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I agree that we are just guessing. My son has SZ. I think a lot of it depends on how open the other person is to what you are experiencing. I have had drug induced hallucination or delusion so to a certain degree I think I can understand them. I’m also open to my son’s ideas and beliefs even if I don’t necessarily belief the same way. I find that if I listen to not just the words of what my son is telling me but the feelings behind them, I can sometimes relate however I would explain it using different words. Ex: where he describes his soul as living, I would describe as where I feel my emotions. Different words but the feelings is the same, I think…

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that kind of understanding is very valuable.

True, my mind went places no one can imagine, I don’t even dare saying !
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