Can you refuse to take someone home from the hospital?

My therapist says that if you are unable or unwilling to care for someone being discharged from the hospital it’s their responsibility to find somewhere for them to go.

I’m in a real bind right now because I’m trying to get my mother in law in a skilled nursing facility, but the hospital is kicking her out, tomorrow.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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Hi. I will PM you about my experience with this.


Heya Mister Gabel. It depends on the state, but you have every right to deny acceptance of a patient if you don’t feel like you could offer them medical care. Few loop holes if you’re signed legal guardian.

They would probably hold her until they were able to find her a place in a sub acute care home in the area, but you would have to be adamant that you refuse to take her. They’ll try hard to get you to take her.

From what I know of your situation, she needs to be in a care home, and you deserve some peace.

I hope everything works out well for you.


I think you can refuse. Talk to the social worker on the case

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