Can you refuse to have physical health check ups?

I’ve read that when starting antipsychotic medication, you may need to have weekly weigh-ins, blood tests and things like that done at the doctors.

Can I refuse to have these done? I am insecure about my weight and am stuck in a binge/restrict cycle so I don’t want anyone seeing how much I weigh.
I also don’t like having blood tests done because my veins always collapse.

If you are on clozapine you need weekly blood tests in the beginning. I am on different APs and I get my bloods done once a year.

Yes you can refuse to have physical health check ups but it would be VERY unwise. They would probably have to switch you to a different medication.

You shouldn’t. Besides the potential issues of clozapine, which they probably wouldn’t start you on as a first try, other APs can cause changes to your blood sugar. So one reason to get the checks if you’re concerned about weight is that if it becomes a problem they can give you either a different AP or they can give you a special medicine so you won’t develop diabetes. But they’re not going to know how best to help you unless you let them check your blood and weigh you.

In reality unless you are in hospital they don’t bother.

They did a blood test before I started my ap to get a baseline and deliberately chose a Ap with high weight gain, as I was under weight.