Can you recommend any websites or books if you want to become a psychiatric nurse

have you any ideas…any input much appreciated

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I hate to rain on your parade, but many people that have suffered with Sz automatically assume that just cos they experienced it, think they would be qualified to do the job.

In the uk at least - you gotta be stable and med free for 6 years. And it takes years of training.

Make sure your ready for that kind of commitment that will affect other people lives, before you go down that route.

Your Intentions are certainly honourable tho x

thanks for the post @Naarai …i understand what youre saying but i wasnt actually really considering becoming a psych nurse…i just want to learn some of the knowledge that they have, similar to a pdoc…im hoping to learn about ways to read people, to learn about psychoanalysis and stuff…i dont think i have the application to become a psych nurse anyway…but as i said im just looking to learn and do something constructive during lockdown eg i came across a site called and have read alot about all the different mental illnesses there are…i would recommend that site to others too…also if anyone else reads this post could they possibly direct me to other sites where you can learn some of the interesting things psychiatrists and psych nurses know.Thanks

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