Can you print that youtube video for me?

This thread is for all the goofy, innocently ignorant, and outrageous tech stories and quotes you’ve had. The title of the thread is a request from my brother-in-law. What are some things your family/friends have asked for, or even things you’ve overheard in a store?


A tech support guy told me this story:

He was troubleshooting a printer problem, and asked ‘Are the lights on’. To cut a long story short, the person thought he was talking about the ceiling lights and hi-jinx ensued.


I used to be a tech at a community college. Had this one user call me in because random characters kept appearing on her keyboard. While I’m there her phone rings and she leans over to answer it, and ‘boobs’ her keyboard in the process (the woman was ample). Then she points at her screen and says, “look, it happened again.”

I had to figure out how to explain what was happening without getting written up for sexual harrassment.


when I was in high school I was the only one in my biology class who knew how to sort organs during a dissection…

My lab partner when we dissected a rat (my school used rats instead of frogs) she had to help or risk failing so she held he organs as I puled them out.

Well she got the kidneys in her hand and screamed at me about how disgusting I was and how ‘rat nuts’ were not supposed to be part of the project…I spent literally 30 minutes trying to explain to her that the rat were dissecting was FEMALE, I even showed he the uterus and the ovaries and she complained to the teacher…long story short…I got a two week suspension that lasted two days because the teacher watched the video tape and realized I had been telling the truth…yes we video taped the process so tat the teacher could grade us on accuracy…

My mom is tech savy, quite cool if you ask me, she always thinks she knows better and I let her because she gets all nervous and “know it all”.

So the other day the guy that is remodeling the apartment we’re renting for airbnb came over to give the prices and talk about details and my mom was showing him construction materials on google images, anyway she wanted to scroll down the page and starts hitting the screen with her finger thinking it was touch screen.

Me and the guy were like “No, mouse!” Lol And she, know it all, stubborn, “No, no, this is not working” and we continued “Mouse, you need a mouse” … “I don’t know why this isn’t working”

And eventually I shouted “That isn’t a touch screen, lady, you need a mouse!”

She was embarassed and well, that’s my story. :smile:

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