Can you play devils advocate to the devils advocate?

I feel like some people will just disagree with you so they could feel good about themselves and put you down in a way. I don’t think they consciously think this way but it’s just kinda how they operate.

The key is to have a third argument. A counter for their counter argument. I can see it now. But alas, I’m not too great at this.

Usually I’m like “ohhhhh” when someone plays devils advocate to me on ambiguous points. But if I were really smart I would give a counter to their counter.

But it’s neither here nor there

I think usually you’re better off sucking up your pride.

Usually I suck up my pride but later chock it off as a “loss” and dwell on it.

I need to learn to let go of my pride, while not dwelling on it.


Okay @Jonnybegood

Are you and Don Juan having problems? Jk

I’ll argue my point if it’s for the sake of learning but I’m not going to counter and recounter just to win a small pissen match tbh.


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