Can you make yourself hear voices?

Does anybody have the ability to make themselves hear faint voices. I don’t do on purpose but I think I can make myself hear voices. It happens when I’m really afraid in the moment of hearing something and it’s then when I can very faintly hear someone talking or I can hear my nickname. There just whispers though. Does anybody get this?

No. I either hear them or I don’t.

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I can enter a concentrated state where part of my brain starts hurting and I hear super faint words.

I can’t seem to do it today though. Voices seem to be pretty much off.

My alkaline diet is working to heal my brain.


I can turn it on whenever I want. Even if they’ve been quiet for a week or more, the voices will start again immediately if I engage them or talk to them in my head. Turning them off is harder, it takes an hour of concentration and focus and the power to ignore the hallucinations with willpower that I don’t always have. And then they can come back without permission if I hit a rough patch of course.


Be careful with doing that, as in, stop doing that. You don’t want that to get accidentally permanently stuck. Hearing voices 24/7 is a bish

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I dont know why anyone would want such a thing …

I guess, take up philosophy?

I guarantee you’ll hear voices.

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Some say cannabis will make you hear voices. Jeanne Darce, the witch in France said it was god. I believe something else. This is my blog EarthIsRound

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I’m hearing very faint whispers especially when I focus on hearing a voice and become afraid. Changed from one word ‘begsy’ to full sentences

I am very lonely without my voices. I still don’t know what triggers them. Cause they are so intelligent maybe only for my next lesson. Well, I think a lot about what they say with eternal pain, justice and coping. They answered lots Whyquestions I had. I answered there questions as well. Wish i could differentiate better when they are bluffing or serious. We got so much time. Nerves don’t break they either snap or bend.

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No thank God, I just want this peace and quiet to stay so badly.

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I hear very inaudible whispers if I focus too hard or become nervous of hearing something. I’m not sure if their my main voices coming back. I’m nervous What should I do @Pikasaur @labratmat? I think being nervous about it makes it worse

Does being nervous raise your dopamine levels?

I don’t know, but I can make myself have psychotic thoughts by focusin on my name too long :confused:
Maybe it’s time to talk to your pdoc.

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I don’t usually hear voices, and I can’t make myself hallucinate in the auditory modality. When I have slight visual hallucinations, I can focus on them and make myself hallucinate a little bit more vividly. But just a little bit.

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I don’t think it’s so much making myself, as it is I’m able to focus on them and notice them more.

They are usually there, it just depends on how well I can tune them out and ignore them

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Do you still get voices on your new meds @Pikasaur? Or are they faint?

They are very faint, but if I get stressed they get louder.

I’ve learned through therapy not to fear or obey the voices, and how to learn to live with them instead of trying desperately to make them go away. I’ve accepted they most likely will never go away.

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Mine are more intrusive thoughts 99% of the time. Its only when im stressed they come out as voices. Im on three different APs at the moment - and it doesnt change a bloody thing.

I can “command” them in a sense to hear them - but i think thats all psychological not psychiatric.

“Vicky” as i named “her” - tends to take the piss - so i ignore it most of the time anyway.

(Sorry not posted in while - i copped a strop for a couple of months so didnt visit for a while, my fault i was advocating weed and didnt like the telling off lol, my bad lol)

Good to see you back Seth!

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Cheers mate. Nice to be back :smiley: