Can you lived a good life alone?

Having a partner beside your friends and family is better.But can you be able to live a good and healthy life without a partner?

Yes. I live with dad but I live a great life. I like it.

It’s different from most and when dad goes it’ll change a lot but now I enjoy myself and do what I enjoy.

Isn’t that a win?


That’s definitely a win,congratulations and hope you continue to be happy always :beer::cake:

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The reason I asked this question is because my relationship with my wife is near the edge at the moment and she will probably fly back to her home in Philippine within this two month and will probably stay there for at least two month.Meaning I will be staying alone without her or our child for the two month she’s in her hometown.I was doing a lot of things right,hopefully I can also continue to be happy and healthy even without her or our child.Hope I don’t pick up many bad habit…

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Edit: Don’t know. Managing SZ and my relationship can get complicated.

@Gtx1990 Your wife and child leaving permanently or the two months being alone.

I think so. Try to keep up healthy habits and keep a good mentality. Keep your head up.

I lived alone after I broke up with my ex husband and it did me the world of good. Although I was manic then, so maybe that’s just my impression of it.

I hope things are okay for you.

Yes because happiness comes from within.

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