Can you learn to get on with the voices

the voices drive me loopy…they constantly criticise me as regards good character…they give me grief…they tell me to humble myself…id do this but then more abuse from voices…then they tell me to humiliate myself…I do these things but still the voices are not happy with me

they abuse me…I find life very difficult…is it possible to get on with the voices

as regards med im heavily medicated as it is…I feel I need to get on with the voices…is this possible

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Talk to your doctor about clozapine. worked for me. Or does anyone else have a different med to try.


Do something. Even if you’re browsing the web or watching a movie or going out for a walk. I don’t have any other advice to give other than distraction until the episode ends. That assumes it’s episodic, if it’s not, I don’t know what to say.

Meds don’t get rid of voices for everybody :frowning:
But it makes me feel better otherwise, helps me not talk back to the voices.

Are you able to address them? Listen to them. Respond to them with truth and reality. For example, “I do not have to listen to you. My identity is not found in you. You do not get to choose what I do today. You do not get the final word.” There is a Scripture in the Bible that says, “Greatly have they afflicted me from my youth, yet they have not prevailed against me.” Psalm 129:2 I meditate on this verse. The voices do not win.

I know the struggle. I still hear voices, too, even on medication. It is not easy, and I become overwhelmed. Thankfully, I have people I can trust. I tell them what the voices are saying (even the awful, embarrassing stuff) and they tell me what is true and what is not.

Do you want to tell us what the voices are saying, so we can help you recognize what is true and what is not?

This is a genuine question. Is it wrong to talk back to the voices? We are exploring this in counseling.

Oh sorry right, like the hearing voices network. I also have heard of doctors saying to talk back to them. All I know is my own experience with it and the voices ignored everything I said and kept making fun of me. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

I used to talk back to them. I stopped when I started counseling. It’s been 3.5 years. The counselor suggested maybe talking to them again to help me cope. I hear what you’re saying that they didn’t listen. I don’t expect mine to listen either. But maybe talking to them will help me not be tempted to obey them.

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