Can you hear me knocking

How long does it take you to answer the door?

Straight up, I ask my sis to get it. I don’t have to… But if she’s in the bath, not there or asleep, she can’t answer the door. So then I have to answer it.

It takes me a while. First I have to take a breath and tell myself it will be OK. Then I pace a bit and try to fight the urge to hide in bed. Then I finally get closer to the door and peek out the little side window. If it’s someone I know I still ask, “are you dropping something off or do you want to talk?”

They always want to talk so I have to let them in. I do know them after all.

If it’s someone I don’t know, I really can’t open the door. I have delivery guys just pop stuff through the mail slot and leave the package. I tell them I have a cold.

It takes me a very long time to answer the door.

I dont like to answer the door - my paranoia takes over. If I am by myself it gets worse. Im better with the phone now

I still can’t answer the phone. I have caller I.d. now so now I really don’t answer the phone unless it’s family. I tried not answering and promising myself that I would just call them back in a bit, but then I never call them back so I do have to answer it. But it takes a lot. I’m always expecting horrid news.

Everything is magnified when I am alone in the house, then answering the phone is harder - its my paranoia

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I already know I can not live alone. I tried it for a few months when I very first got my own place. Just a few months and I was no where near lucid. I need to have someone living with me. Other wise every tiny noise in the house or even in my head is too much to deal with.

I’m much calmer living with someone.

I might be the same way - I have not tested it out really. Who knows what my future holds for me- this is another story

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i don’t answer the door or phone, i figure if it is urgent they will break the door down, or they will ring me back, having an answering machine is awesome.
take care


I have a problem with the shower curtain lately. I used to always pull it closed to let the water dry but last night suddenly I found myself looking up at the sun window to see if there was anyone in there and then this morning I kept it open after I showered.

knowone ever comes here so I don’t really have a problem with the door, especially if it is daylight and someone else is home. We have lots of windows so i can sort of look out and see who is in the drive.

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I always look out through the peephole before I answer the door. I live in an apartment complex with mainly senior citizens, so it is usually safe to open the door.

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As soon as I hear that doorbell its like my heart thumpthumpthump. Sometimes even the TV doorbells trick me. I went to home depot and put a legit peep hole on my main entrance door. That relieves a bunch of stress no peaking thru side windows because then they can also see you. I catch my composure if its somebody I know. Welcome them in or bugger off. Well not like bugger off, but more like I can’t do it right now I’m making lunch.

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Yeah the house I’m staying in for the summer is over 100 years old, grandma, grandpa, all my dads brothers once stayed there. I’m going to be living 2 months there, just me and my two canine friends. I know I think ghosts are a joke, but when there’s actually unexplained sounds then its creepy.

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Am I the odd one here?
I LOVE to answer the door!
I don’t even look anymore before I whip that door open and startle them.
Usually I pull up both my pant legs and declare with a stupid grin “I got new socks!”
If they persist, I just grin and say “yeah” to everything…they get the idea.
I try to make sure I look disheveled-like I just woke up. Sometimes I just stare at them…and they go away with out me having to say it!
Other times when they try to do a hard sale, I nod my head a lot until they’re all done talking and Then I say, "hmmm sorry, English no…

Now that I think about it, we haven’t had anyone at our door for over a year…must be on a list to not bother at our house?


I like your style… I got new socks…

You don’t want to answer it then just don’t answer it.

It won’t change a thing if you don’t answer it.

Works when your in an elevator too, just add a slight lisp. Grin constantly.