Can you have control of your mind?

It seems like a hard thing to do especially when you dissociate from your thoughts or have sza.


Right. When I’m having symptoms I don’t feel in control. It’s terrifying.

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I loose control only when unmedicated, when smoking weed or when meds aren’t working.

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no if without meds

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I have control of my mind most of the time. But when I dissociate someone else is at the helm

When I disassociate (depersonalisation) I sometimes even decide to go mute. Because no I have not yet been able to have control of my mind in those times.

I feel like it’s immature people who try to dominate me. They can’t be controlled and are stupid.

Well, I guess that is the best marker for positive symptoms in my case. If I don’t have control of my mind then I am probably suffering a relapse, at least if it is consistant over a period of time.

Only sometimes. When I’m too ill not.

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