Can you guess what's in my oven?

  • Meat Lovers Pizza
  • Lasagna
  • a whole Head!

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Whoever wins get a prize. :wink:

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PiZZZZZZZA :pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza:

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LOL Oh this was very silly of me.

Here you go @Mountainman :pizza: you deserve it.

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I guessed pizza first on the poll, I deserve a prize too :sob:


Awwwww :slight_smile:

Just a sec, let me see what I can dig up…

Here ya go! --> :sandal: :athletic_shoe:


Yaaaay a new pair of shoes :blush:

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You deserve them :blush:

** High five! **

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Changes his vote after reading down

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LOL Oooook Big J.

Consider this your Christmas gift: :tophat: :wink:

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I think a whole head… my old PE teacher’s head :wink:

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Nooooo :open_mouth: Not the beloved PE teacher!


For being so bold, and since I’m feeling generous, and I know how much you love esspresso.

Here ya go my friend: :coffee:

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Yaaaaay thank you!!! :grinning:

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Hansel and Gretel?

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You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

Coffee is a necessity. I had my usual 4 cups earlier.


You just made me think of those grim’s fairy tale movies that were on VHS in the 80’s.

Ever see any those? They were creepy!