Can you get unemployment, if you tell disability your better?

Can you get unemployment if you don’t want your disability anymore and want to go back to work?

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I would make sure i had a job lined up first, before i came off my disability benefits, but hell will freeze over before i do that anyway. Ive retired myself at 46 matey lol

I’m not sure how it works in the USA but I’m somewhat confident it should be possible yes.
Its how it works here in the UK at least. I can’t see why they would force you to stay on disability if you didn’t want it.

Where I live it is a real ordeal to get disability in the first place. I wouldn’t give it up unless there is a easy road to get it back just in case.

Also you could check if it is possible to work even though you are on disability. I believe it is possible for the goverment to just substract the disability from paid work if you start earning.


I’ve heard about stopping disability to work; I’m not sure how long it would take for the government to stop your’e disability.

I’m not sure what system unemployment checks to start unemployment payments.

I would call your state welfare office.

Where I live government leaders are telling people on disability to get a job. Now they want to conduct home searches.

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