Can you get free counselling on NHS?

Hi. U.K. based people can you have free counselling on NHS?

I had an occupational therapist for two years as my care coordinator. She tried, but she was too much of a hippie for me to listen to her or take her seriously. She also got me put in the hospital a lot.

Then I had 25 sessions of psychology which was free, and I still didn’t get my moneys worth. Waste of time and money that could have been put to better use

I had psychology input and it was pretty good. I was seen straight away as under intellectual disability services and it was an learning disability psychologist so no waiting list. I believe the CMHT counselling referral list is quite long.

I had to wait a few months, half a year before I saw someone for cbt. Via CMHT

NHS prefers to poison you with neurotoxic drugs, they don’t give a crap about your emotional wellbeing, it doesn’t benefit them, thats why they make claims like cbt or therapy won’t work until you are medicated. BS.

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Exactly my view


I think they are really scared of what we will do as psychotic patients so they are prepared to overdose us initially to just make sure we really have been given enough meds. It’s really sad for us. Because when I was on that high dose I felt EXTREMELY zomied. And planning suicide in case things don’t get better and I give up.

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I’ve seen them do that to others patients.

In my case; I collapsed and nearly passed during my second and final hospitalisation. The messed up really badly. Needless to say, but I really don’t trust the drs

The thing is I think they are trying their best but psychiatry is such a trial n error thing and that’s what’s scary.

We really gotta do our own research too and question everything they suggest.

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Yeah, that’s very true. It is imperative to study what’s going on and what’s right for each person individually. otherwise chances of recovery drop; you always have to have your own back

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