Can you feel the world or are you emotionaly zombie?

Myself, more like a zombie most of the time. It’s like I don’t feel my soul - all I have is an unemotional brain.
Naturally people feel their environment, the music and feel sexual things etc.
Should I also mention that occasionally I get my old me back, but it doesn’t last that long.


I went through a phase where I felt too much. Then I couldnt feel a thing. Now Im stable and I feel that that stabilized too. I feel a lot, but not too much.


i feel pain and anxiety… i am worried cause meds are a bit an emotional killer,yeah…

Ok, well - I also felt a bit too much sometimes, but it’s worse when you don’t feel almost anything. I make music so emotions are very important.

Yeah I hated not feeling. But I found that even when we think we dont feel, emotions are there on the background. I think its more the ability to sense they are there

I feel like a zombie. Pre onset I’m a highly sensitive person. My friend said i can detect bombs with my emotional sensitivity. Post psychosis I’m like a zombie. I have rarely shows emotion and lack comments or ideas i just stand or sit like I dont exist. My mind are the environment I’m not interacting with anything.

Recently I’m pushing myself to do daily exercise. I have old memories comes back and tears running down my cheeks for consecutive days. I remember what happened and i feel the pain. I dont know if it is related. I exercise and it is like switching on my mind again.

great goggles keep going. i am in a pretty bad shape also… i also have memory problems and have total blockages there where i should interact :confused:what kind of exercices youre doing? you mean physical?

Oh yes it’s physical exercise. I walk up slope and hike. I walk up the hill in the afternoon. I lost 1.5 lb this week already.

ok,great :slight_smile: me i have swelled fingers, ive just read that the reason is the heart and the lungs. me i smoke a lot plus i am stressed so my heart is suffering a lot…

Hiking makes my heart beats again. I often think my heart has some relation to the way i feel. It’s getting better with my heart i intend to keep walking for this winter and spring.

There is a term for it. Derealization. A newly recognized symptom of schizophrenia if not mistaken.

Definition: Derealization
a feeling that one’s surroundings are not real, especially as a symptom of mental disturbance.

I have been walking too and it feels great after doing it. I smoke tobacco - would like to be strong enough to quit.
Hmmm, should I give it a try again?

Walking up steep slope is different from walking. I like making my heart and lungs workout.

Quitting smoking is one of the best thing you can do for yourself. Why not.

I feel things. I have emotions, but I keep my emotions in reserve. I don’t express them around people. It can be frustrating having such a hard time saying what I feel around people, but I’ve learned that many times my impulses can be wrong. I’m glad I didn’t express some emotions. Some of the emotions I have expressed weren’t good.

Thank you crimby for the many likes you have given today. I am gracious in receiving your acknowledgement. Those were your expression of emotion. :wink:

Yep. I can relate to that. A few days ago I bit my tongue and I’m glad I did it.

I used to feel things so much I continuously asked myself how I would make it through, if even the slightest thing disrupted me. Now it is the opposite, I ask myself how will I make it through if I feel so little, or if I can aknowledge my feelings only rationally, not instinctinvely(like, “you put distance between yourself and that person because you fear intimacy”). I go back to feeling like I used to only when I’m psychotic. Yet sometimes I start crying, or laughing, or showing myself other signs of not being completely emotionless…yet it is as if, whenever I show myself feel something, it were happening to somebody else, somebody to whom I have no relation to, and I’m sort of observing that stranger without being able to ask her what happened inside her. My banal guess would be that at some point of my life emotions got so overwhelmingly intense I unknowingly sort of locked myself out of them. But they must be still there somewhere. The things is, I do not know if I could deal with how intensely I was aware of feeling again, as much as now I’m having trouble dealing with how intensely I’m aware of not feeling. But I hate having to fake emotions to avoid upsetting the people that are fond of me.

I’ve been swinging from hypersensitive to flat and numb.

Some days… it’s like everything is more

other days… it’s like I’m walking through a numb fog.