Can you explain this?

God, I don’t want this to be just a simulation. I am in synchronicity with the radio and TV: can you explain why the next word I think is spoken at the same time as on TV and radio? It happens so often as to not be a coincidence. I don’t feel I have much delusional thinking. What meaning is there in being in a computer?!!!

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It’s called “delusions of reference”.

Are you on any meds?

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I’m on Latuda, Valium, propanolol, and Lexapro. I willingly take meds because I am Very sick.


Occam’s Razor: You are experiencing psychotic symptoms. Sorry, it’s nothing special or meaningful, it just means you’re ill and your medications need fine-tuning.

My meds have been tweeked enough. I’m not changing anything. The meds can’t completely help you.

True. I function with some positive symptoms and lots of negative symptoms most days. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and standard therapy help me a lot here. I can’t take a lot of meds or my functioning degrades and I can’t work. My insight is impeccable, however.

In this world of turmoil I’m doing very well.

Not that well if you’re having trouble telling what’s real.

I don’t want to bridge my world of fantasy into reality, Pandora’s box you know. Compared to many people I’m doing well.

I still struggle with the idea of a separate Self. I want to hurt him when he hurts me. Neither one of us identifies with the other. He was my imaginary friend as a child.

this is not the end of the world
you may need to up the doses who know
i was like you in my past!!!
i think you should tell your support team what you experience
i think they will help you!
i know this is crazy symptoms!!!
you will be fine!dont worry!


Many people today believe we are in a computer simulation who are not mentally ill. I saw my pdoc today and didn’t mention it. Why should I? She’s not real! Lol. But seriously, I am going to in person visits with pdoc and therapist and I might have died if I hadn’t made the transition. The grocery store is probably better at dawn though, I hate crowds! If you’re home and haven’t gotten out in a few days. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE RIGHT AWAY!


That’s good advice. Usually when i step out of my home for a while each day I think it’s the best and most important thing I did the whole day. Half the job is to step over the threshhold though.

If you don’t take medicine, you will just end up in the hospital again

I’m just about to take my nightly meds, I’ve had a big day and I need to wash clothes and grocery shop tomorrow. Going cold turkey off my meds damaged my psyche permanently.

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