Can you exercise at the gym while on Risperidone?

Dear all,

I have heard that risperidone affects the ability of the body to regulate its core temperature making it easier to dehydrate and suffer from pneumonia. Does this make exercise impossible? Exercise is very important to me.

Any feedback from those on the drug much needed.


I am taking risperdal and i go to the gym few times a week. Risperdal causes low energy and it prevents me from sweating and makes my hart rate faster.

I dont know, I take Geodon which has the same warnings on the prescription sheet but I am an amateur powerlifter and I have never passed out or gotten faint. I do serious exercise that would kill a couch potato by breaking their spine, and I do it all the time.

as for hydration, I drink lots of water and drink gatorade during my workouts. I’ve never had dark urine or any other signs of dehydration. But I drink about a gallon a day.

I run 4.5km,350 push up and 60 pull up 6 days a week,it is a moderate form of exercise,and I like it a lot,nv had problem while taking abilify and mirtazapine

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Nah rispy never affected me in the gym negatively. In fact I had some muscle gains on it. Hydrate a lot