Can you eat what you want?

Or do you have a voice in your head telling you that you shouldn’t eat certain foods ?.. I wish they would shut up.

Telling me that they’re my friend… umm why are you telling me not to eat foods that I like then and telling me to be underweight??? I can eat what I want thank you very much, stupid rude voice.


I probably shouldn’t eat what I want because my weight gain is very excessive, but if you are underweight you probably need to defy that voice and eat more. Bring underweight can be just as dangerous as being overweight.


not anymore. older or not-so-active people must restrict calories. sometimes that calorie restriction includes foods of a certain catagory such as fried, salty, sugar, high cholesterol.

I had problems with the standard diet. I ended up with mild acne from it so I had to do a elimination diet and learn what I could and couldn’t eat.

anyways now i dont touch dairy sucrose, or gluten and my skin is clear. in the process my tastes changed and I much prefer my new diet to my old one

My voices don’t tell me that. It’s other messed up stuff.

My diet isn’t super strict. It’s focused on being low calorie. But my macros are pretty good.

Sorry you are having this symptom, Jess. If you are challenging those ###holes that’s definitely a good thing.

You know better about how to take care of your body than hallucinations do.

Oh! I did forget to mention the Celiac Disease.
I can’t have wheat, malt, barley or rye.

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I am selective in what food I buy from the grocery so no, I cannot eat what I want. However, I may eat a pizza now and then.

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I have one voice who is also an alter who tells me I shouldn’t eat. When she takes over I’ll starve for days.

Other than that I won’t eat cause I’ll see bugs in my food

I do eat everything I want. I stopped alcohol, I drink very little really. I switched to tea.

But I try to limit the quantity. It takes times but portion control is the key. I can not wait to reach my goal weight.

I eat whatever I want. But I’m around 25 lbs overweight. Still comfortable about the way I look. Not completely comfortable but enough for me to not be bothered by my weight that much.

I dont have enough money to eat what i want.

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I eat whatever I want when I want it. I’m grateful for that. I used to have an ED so I have experience with starving myself and making myself vomit.

Now I just eat whatever I want. To be honest I don’t have a healthy diet, but I’m 21! And broke as hell! I can’t afford to eat healthy. If I do it’s when I go have dinner with my parents.

I eat lots of chocolate, sugar, sour candies, SOOO MUCH BREAD, greasy food, anything bad really.

I’d rather eat junk and be happy then limit my food intake and be bitchy as fuuuck, (if I don’t have enough food/have no sugar I get angry real fast)

I probably won’t eat like this forever, but im shitty at adulting and can’t really take care of myself. I also have issues eating (picky, sensory issues) because of my ASD so I eat the stuff I like.

Snacking is easier than making healthy dinners, especially when you’re too depressed to get out of bed and turn on the oven.

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I have to watch what i eat on risperdal. I still eat junk food but small portions.

Hahahaha I can relate to this so much :joy:

I’m trying to ignore the voice(s) that call me fat, tell me to restrict my food and only eat certain things… at the end of the day, all they can do is insult me.


Where I live, we get two choices of what we want to eat every night. And none of us can remember what we ordered the night before. The other residents due to old age, and me, due to sza.

I’m not very good about eating healthy foods. I do drink a couple of glasses of juice in the morning, though. One time I was trying to lose some weight, and I started to crave these donughts they had in Wal Mart. I get food cravings when I try to diet. I’m about 50 - 60 lbs. overweight, though. I need to lose some weight.

Honestly you can get addicted to sugar and splenda/sucralose. So quitting isn’t easy. Have to wean yourself off. I look at food as fuel. Never had a real coke and only a few diets for 38 years.

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