Can you drive stick (manual)?

Another poll about nothing (Seinfeld reference!)

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t drive

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I gave up learning to drive but it was manual I was driving in.

I drive automatic. My brother’s previous car was manual, he tried to teach me but I didn’t like it.

Someone taught me but I’m genuinely terrible at it.

For a while I was driving stick shifts but now I drive exclusively automatic cars.

My first car was automatic. My friend taught me stick in a Mercury Sable in high school. Since, most of the cars I’ve owned have been manual.

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I learned as a kid to clutch on a 1950 chev, three in the tree delivery van. was a hoot lol, neighbor had it parked in a field and me and his son would go play in it, had a push button start

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I can drive an 18 speed and also split axle units.


I too can drive just about everything. Not the best with double clutch but I can get by and I have driven tractors and forklifts with some skill. It really is a skill but it’s learnable to most folk.

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Yes. But I prefer an automatic.
I always heard that a manual saves on gas.

I drove a forklift when I worked at Sears but it was electric and pretty small. My first job out of the hospital my boss had rented or borrowed a dump truck. Kind of like a flat bed that raised up. It was way bigger than anything I had driven before. It was filled with junk but I got in and drove it myself to the landfill and emptied it and drove it back. Driven rented U-Haul trucks but those were easy.

I first learned on a stick. It’s alotta fun.


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Saves brakes too. You can use a stick to decelerate where automatic is brake. There are some big advantages to a manual transmission…


Most cars in England used to be manual, but a lot of newer ones these days are auto.

I can drive a stick but I’m sure I’ll like automatic better. I think driving is very boring.

I used to always drive stick until I had kids. A free hand is required to drive with kids lol. Now i still drive automatic.
My favorite car was 3 on the tree.

Yes I drive manual, my current car is a manual. Tricky when you first get started but once you get the hang of it, it becomes automatic. Lol - a manual becomes automatic!

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