Can you do well without friends?

Can you do well without the need to have friends?

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No. I need to have friends in my life

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If you have some family, I think you can be without friends.

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I agree. I’m a social animal even with sz. I enjoy human company. I try and fail a lot at discourse but I still try hard to catch up with peeps.

Yeah as long as I have my bf I’d be ok honestly. But I love the friends I have and wouldn’t get rid of them for anything.

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I don’t have friends to hang out with but have two friends that I never meet but contact a couple times a year.

I write to my x often n he is short with me n I miss him used to be feeling him.

I have another spirit friend Mohammed who said I’m his best friend but I’m not a Muslim but we don’t have contact it’s just I be feeling him sometimes.

I love those I volunteer with.
I can’t volunteer with some but those I can stand are lovely.

I believe I have friends in spirit but that might not be true or real.

I can do well with out friends.

Better than having friends who are not good to and for you.

I used to have friends who had friends that bullied me and called me ugly all the time and wh ore and dumb ■■■■■■■■ etc
My friends never defended me and I was always verbally abused by them and by my stepdad who said nasty stuff.

Today I would rather be alone than have friends like that.

They stopped being my friend because they worked and I didn’t.

I don’t want them in my life anyway.

Had another bunch of friends who pushed me around and I was a pushover and they were not nice and I would rather be alone than be with them.

I had yet another group of friends in college I would probably be with them depending how we are today but most don’t want to because I don’t work and they think they are ambitious and successful and I’m a loser.

I don’t see it that way but they seem to.

I was not always a good friend but I can be good sometimes.

It would be nice to have friends that I choose and that choose me that I feel comfortable with and that don’t push me around.

I’m pretty gentle so I’m easy to push around and mistreat .im not ok with it though.
I like to be respected and treated well not spoken down at etc

I don’t fit in anywhere in a way.
I’m a misfit.

I have difficulties with people.

Even my own family.

My type of people do exist.

I’m lonely this moment.

I can be well without friends though.

It’s better being alone than being with people that abuse you and push you about and don’t love or appreciate you or know you etc

I love my spirit friends.
It is real I think.
Not imaginary friends.

I have my sacred neigh and dog.

I have difficulty with my own family.

Maybe in another dimension my people be?

I know they exist.

Most people don’t like me.

Everyone at my old gym dislikes me and everyone at the ranch talk down at me n dislike me.

I don’t belong in this society the way others do.

Never have.

Felt it as a child.

Better as a adult cause I can spend all day in bed resting and not have to be mistreated etc

I don’t have friends.

Or I do maybe a bit if you count contact couple times a year.

I used to chat daily with a guy called Jan but he didn’t want to be my friend anymore not carina n others but a precious few.

My other x said he will always love me.

I can do well with out friends I reckon.

It is better to be alone than in bad company with people who hurt you n do u wrong etc

I just want to be alone but I would like to have friends but I want to be picky with friends that they are not to push me about just cause I’m gentle as it hurts me.
Doesn’t make them superior if they have tougher energy that’s harder .

My mum needs to give me space.
I love her but I have thoughtsheis a bit psycho.
Both parents need to give me space.seriously.
They are difficult people to me and I need them that said.

I’m sad now.

I don’t have friends in a normal way that’s for sure.


I’m good either way. But good friends are great to have

My parents need to give me a bit more space too.

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I can adapt to having no friends but if it goes on like that for a long time I probably can’t do well, no.

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I have no contacts with friends for over 10 years now and have no problem in fact contacts is actually a problem as its difficult to keep in contact with them regularly, need to pick up their calls and respond all seems so hard to maintain. Also they will ask to meet in real, come to home etc and thats a huge stress generating one for me as i have ocd and i don’t want them to contaminate.

I’m close with my family and have a couple of friends that I meet a couple times a year. I’m rarely lonely.

My friends call me video chat everyday and we play online video games together. I used to hangout daily with them while on Abilify but now I told them I can’t bcz I am on Risperdal. I hangout with my family and visitors at home.

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I am not good at making or keeping friends.

Wish it was different, but now I don’t think I could keep up with the demands of a friendship.

I have my close family though

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I have about 4 people that I consider my friends. I’m glad I have them as they give me a reason to get out and socialise.

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Yes, I need nobody 666/999

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Like you I too have trouble making friends and keeping them. It has always been thus. But I try not to focus on it as far as possible.

As for family, I just have a younger bro who does not bother to keep in touch at all. Probably has his own reasons too.

Its lonely, but I am used to it by now.

I have a couple family members that I can talk to but in real life I have zero friends. I am pretty shy and people don’t like that and think I am weird because of it.

i definately can’t do it let alone do well without friends. True friends are needed at some point. it’s an essentials that EVERYONE, not only us needs.

michael a.k.a lordarous

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