Can you control your happiness levels

Can you be happy by choice?

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No but it fluctuates.


Yes!! By taking meds, thinking positively, engaging in hobbies and interests, exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene, social engagement, spirituality.

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I could be unhappy but I’ve learned to be happy with what I have…and I don’t have much…but it makes me extremely happy…that and being in love.

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I think happiness can be learned or developed like muscle

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I like to think with my current medications I can control my happiness level. It took a long way to get here, and yes I had to learn it. Or fake it till you make it.

I think so i used to believe my brain was in charge of everything until i successfully used a placebo

Not exactly, but I can control my environment to a certain degree to make myself happy more often.

I used to wake up feeling terrible every morning. No amount of happy thinking would change that. What helps is Cymbalta and NAC.

I think so. Smiling helps as does upbeat music and doing stuff. I’ve been in the doldrums all day, but then I decided to put on some vivid colors of eyeshadow that I wouldn’t normally wear. My eye are all hot pink and very orange, but it was fun, and now I don’t feel down anymore.

I don’t think you can control it but you can definitely cultivate a mind that is more likely to experience it. Meta meditation is all about cultivating happiness.

So you manipulate your environment… many books write that happiness is inside

What do you think? Reading about how to be happy… can make you happy?

Yes I do. I enjoy having comforts in my home.

That only goes so far. Trying being happy when you are homeless during a cold winter.

I think that therapy books have helped me learn to be less miserable.


I’m having trouble being happy at the moment because of meds I believe. Its hard to be happy when you cant enjoy stuff. I’m not miserable or anything. Just not joyful either.

Trying to change things up though.

Need more dopamine!


I think you need to try your best to focus on the positives while also taking the right meds and getting the right treatment like therapy if you need it. It’s a little bit of both. Part of it is beyond your control and that is where you admit you need help and take advantage of that help, but a small part of it, your attitude, is in your control imo.

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I have good treatment no symptoms, no negative and positive symptoms

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Being positive until I do exercises from book then it works but when I start working on some project it fades away and I’m back to negative

No, can’t be happy on demand

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