Can you close my account

Can you close my account, bye.

Message from @SzAdmin modified by mods to reflect current procedure:

Occasionally we get an request from people who want to delete / anonymize their account here and leave the site.

That is fine, we have no problem with that - but the issue is that a very large percentage of people change their minds after a while and cancel that request or just join again later. Because of this , we ask that you make two separate requests to staff at least two weeks apart (sort of a “cooling off” period). You may either create a new thread and tag staff in it, or PM staff directly to make your initial request. If you think about it and two or more weeks after your first request you really want to fully anonymize your account - then make a second request. It is easier for us to keep track of the time between requests if you use the same PM or thread that you made your initial request in to make the second request, so it would be appreciated if you do this.

We will then anonymize your account

In other words, just respond in this thread in two weeks to confirm and we will anon you.

Yes, delete my account. Thank you.

Hey, @Anon4 . Why?

Yeah i liked you man. This sucks.

Could you close my account. I have nothing to do here anymore. Thank you.

I can anonymize your account in 10 more days. You aren’t required to stay on the forum that 10 days, so feel free to just check back in then if you wish and we can anon then…

I am harassed on this forum. Please close asap.

Just don’t log on for 10 days then? No one is forcing you to stay or post, only that we have a policy of not anoning before 2 weeks because people often change their minds.

Yeah, whatever! suck it up. What do I need to do to close it? ga-ng stalking is what it is…

F you, close it.