Can you believe that i have never been turned down?

Im not kidding. I have never been turned down for a date or relationship.

Every single woman i have ever asked out has said yes, no rejection whatsoever, none, zilch.

How many women have i tried to date or be with?

Zero. I haven’t tried to date anyone this entire time and i have no desire to whatsoever. I have never wanted a relationship and i don’t want to date.

Zero. Zero. Zero.

This one girl one time started giving me the googly eyes, it was creepy as ■■■■. She looked me up and down with the googleys like i was on the menu. Not even a handshake or anything, not even a hello, nothing. It was creepy as ■■■■. So i just didn’t respond because it was so creepy and she states angrily “your ■■■■■■■ stupid!”

Only one way im doing that ■■■■! And thats if the circumstances absolutely force me to. To many people here as it is. But if im free to not date at all im so cool with that, excited even, very excited about that type of freedom.

Obligation is the only way ill do it. Like the ancients, they couldn’t hunt alone. But if everyone on earth is just pumping them out like a factory im out!

Don’t stop now man!!!

I’m counting on luck to get a girl. My skill has rarely worked, only a few times. Mostly it has been a matter of being in the right place at the right time. But like jukebox told me, I talk about girls a lot but I’ve never been married. I’ve proposed to three or four girls, but all of them said no. I would like a shot at a couple more girls before I give up completely.

HAHAHAHAHA pans your hilarious. I don’t remember being rejected but uh thats kind of intentional.

Me either, but you have to appreciate the fact that there are some that maybe don’t conform.

Maybe one day you might fall into ir