Can you become an extreme financial budgeter and neglect enjoyments in your life because you like saving money?

I think I’m noticing a pattern where I give myself small budgets and mostly never stick to the budget which makes me feel bad and like I’ve failed. I’m going to Turkey next week for 10 days with my support staff and I’ve set myself a budget, being the anxious person I am I’ve been on the Turkey travel forums and asked if my budget is enough for 2 people for 10 days, for food and coffee, and a few day trips. I’m probably not going to drink alcohol so this will only be for food and none- alcohol drinks. Apparently Turkey has got more expensive because their economy is bad, and the Lira has lost a good portion of its value.

Most people have said my budget is inadequate and I should extend it by another 3rd…

Can you turn cheap by always wanting to save money?

“Budget-friendly” and yes.

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