Can you be injected while sitting?

yeah well its a delusion , I want to say something constructive to you without that being fodder for yet more delusions. So I would say work with your pdoc to get a handle on these problems.

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talk to your doctor and tell him about your delusions

well Ive been doing Intensive therapy for the past 40-45 days and it isnt helping much .

I have tremendous conflicts with my parents unfortunately and they had me admitted to an asylum forcefully once which is definitely not helping me :(…

…So I dont have access to my doctor too…I guess ill deal with this myself now.

Are you against taking anti psychotics? Those would help you get rid of the delusions

Can’t you go to another doctor?

i had taken Anti-anxiety medicine which did tremendously help me. I did not have any delusions the entire next day. I will start on it now.


Atleast the anti-anxiety medicine made me not look for people all around looking to inject me. I was walking all over the city with confidence and without fear of anyone injecting me.

I want to tell you to talk to a doctor and try to take some anti psychotics, they exist for your benefit.

I work in Software creative work…I had taken AP before…I can’t work and execute my projects with them :(…Its true…For example if I need out of box solutions and creative ways to create things.i cannot do it…so i am not taking them…

Ok, I get it. Why dont you have access to your doctor? Maybe he could prescribe different ones that wouldn’t cloud your creativity. My meds work fine in that area, I’m still very creative.

That sucks. I know how you feel.

well my therapist and me have gone out of just professional talk…and she has landed up with personal problems…I am avoiding her.(for her sake).

Guess ill take Anti-anxiety meds till I find another doctor.

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Ok, do that. Your health is important.

thanks . will keep u guys updated.

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I am sorry that you feel so strongly that you’re being injected. I’m certain it’s a delusion. I hope you get some good treatment…quality meds. Sorry you’re suffering this much @saurav. I know what it’s like to not be in touch with reality and finding everything people say as bullcrap. Hang in there.

You’d remember the physical pain involved in an injection. It wakes you right up, trust me. Just got my IM injection done today, and it hurt. I hate the sting of needles.

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You need to go back on meds, your life seems a mess. We can’t help.