Can you be deemed as having chronic SZ/SZA but still have periods of wellness?


I’m down as having chronic schizoaffective disorder. I don’t know if this is true or my pdoc wrote it to get me put on a community treatment order? I seem to function okay (although I have lots of social service funded support, my pdoc says its that that keeps me well) Can you have chronic schizoaffective disorder but still have long periods of wellness?


Yes, I think so. If your meds work…


I was ok for 10 months.


I would imagine so with the help of medication. However even without the presence of overt positive psychotic symptoms one may need help and support to function . Then there is the issue that you are deemed to have a learning disability which if accurate would mean you have difficulty with some things and need support to accomplish them.

Then there is the issue of how you become when you do become ill and the need to put supportive measures in place to minimise the possibility of a relapse. No one wants you gouging at your arms to try and remove imaginary microchips.


I don’t look at myself having a chronic illness but when you add up everything it seems that way.


Yes I had a really good period of about two months with no hallucinations.

I haven’t been diagnosed long but I do cycle through some of what you might call partial remissions.


You’re lucky if that’s the case.


For me there are short periods of wellness sometimes for a week or more. But it doesn’t come without me still sleeping a lot and trying to avoid stress.


@bobbilly, Yes you can. Because if you quit taking all your meds, all your psychotic and mood symptoms would come roaring back probably.


I was stable on Vraylar for about 1.5 years. I don’t think I was hospitalized and had minimal symptoms. I was able to help a family member by changing diapers. I’ve probably changed over 1000.

Did I work or go to school? No. But I stayed out of the hospital.

A lot of my emotional problems come from feeling like ■■■■ on APs. It’s a double edged sword. On meds, I’m calm and pleasant to be around. I’m a “good little boy”.


Sure can :wink::grin::grinning:. Ive gone a long time well but now I can actually go with the schizophrenia even when I have relapse as it seems like it doesn’t affect me it’s weird. Almost like it’s pleasant or something it just doesn’t bother me anymore. I guess you can actually get used to it


Yes I have sza and went thru many periods of wellness. Longest remission five years but I can’t remember if I had symptoms then as I didn’t understand my sza back then.
After my relapse in 2012 I had on and off symptoms and wellness lasted a few days to a few months.
Nowadays I have good days and bad days. Sza is a cycle like everything else


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