Can you be crazy by taking quetepine

Can you be crazy by taking quetepin ,(seroquel) ,have you been crazy?

Could you be a bit more specific in your definition of “Crazy.”

Delusional, hallucinate , think strange things

That sounds like normal…for me, but I only took seroquel one time, and I couldn’t see or hear anything because of a splitting headache for 2days.

I was taking it and didnt had negative symptoms, but i was taking 200 mg, and after half year when i came to ireland and read some books , i had alot of vorious pictures in my mind, thought that what i was doing people will know that from far away

Pretty much a crazy person all the time

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I get a bit ill if I don’t take seroquel

When i lived in city center people walking in streets were talking about me , when i was walking back home and saw white puzzle on street i thought witch cursed me doctors told me tohigher my dose but i didnt . I didnt knew that i had schizophrenia that time i wasnt diagnozed. After i stoped taking seroquel at all i got in hospital. Maybe if i take higher dose i will be ok. My doctor said she can prescribe me that. But i am afraid littlebit.dont want my symptoms come back…but i was able to do much more and draw better on seroquel

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I hallucinate thought sirens of cars ambulance police were taking to me, thought that they do that specialy to tell people about me. I was on 200 mg of seroquel

Is it possible that seroquel (quetepine) doesnt work on me. I was better taking it when i wasnt taking medicine at all

Talk to your doctor about switching meds.