Can you be aware of your autism?

People said to me that you can’f

Yes, you can. I didn’t know I was autistic before being diagnosed, but I know people who have. And that diagnosis wasn’t a shock either.

I think, also, with the amount of information available to anyone with computer access means many more people will be aware of many more things than ever before.

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It is my experience that most autistic people are aware of their autism.

Even if they don’t have the diagnosis, they have a profound feeling of being different and not being sure why.


i knew something was up with me but i didn’t know it was called autism but when i got the dx a lot of things clicked though…

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I suspected it, but wasn’t worried so much about the label as avoiding situations that made it impossible for me to function or cranked my discomfort to extreme levels.

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Only when diagnosed. I see it.

Same with schizophrenia. I knew something was wrong.

I spent decades feeling there was more going on than just SMI.


I don’t have SMI I only have autism and anxiety + suspected sz

SMI = serious/severe mental illness

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Ye i dont think its severe in my case.

Wanting to harm yourself or others is definitely serious.

it’s a common thing for me. Also I never get fully rid of the paranoid delusions

Let’s not derail the thread

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İ think i m autistic but i didn t diagnosed yet.

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Serious mental illness is sometimes used to describe bipolar I + schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder exclusively, so those illnesses are pretty much always assumed to be serious mental illness.

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I knew I was struggling but I did not have a explanation until I did psychology and I was told that I have autism and I did a lot of research about it so yes, now I am aware

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