Can wisdom teeth coming through cause delusions

I was just thinking back on my episode and my wisdom teeth were giving me real bother at the time, I also have an extra set of back teeth which were there from a young age. Also I was having quite extreme allergic reactions to my dog where my throat would swell up and become ladden with puss. The pdoc is a bit puzzled as why I went from delusional to normal within a week or two, I know respiridone has anti histimic properties which would explain why the allergic reactions eased, now I’m off them it’s starting to affect my throat again

Stress can trigger delusions. Perhaps the pain from your wisdom teeth caused you to be stressed and your mind coped with it by creating delusions?

It’s a pity I was so delusional I didn’t even mention it to my pdoc I’ll say to her the next time I see her

Ps thanks very much for the input :slight_smile:

Got my wisdom teeth out this week, and it is still very painful. I can see it causing an episode for some. Glad I made it through the procedure. Anyone know if u can mix antipsychotics with pain meds? Was thinking of taking some time off.