Can we stop with the HF and I'm not saying High Frequency!

Can we stop with the HF and I’m not saying High Frequency.

I think it’s putting people into boxes and doesn’t have any real benefit…

EDIT: HF = “Higher Functioning”

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I agree @JH85. 151515151515

I would describe myself as quite active! Which provides a better frame of reference.

What is HF @JH85 ???

High functioning I assume.


Oh! I totally missed that! Sorry!

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Yeah. I feel a lot of pressure on this site to say I’m high functioning. My husband doesn’t think I am. I don’t think I am. It’s pressure that’s not needed.

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@JH85. You’ve posted one thread calling on Pixel and now this thread bringing up the high functioning thing again.

You’re just trying to stir up trouble and bad feelings on the forum per your usual MO. Knock it off or you’ll be supended.