Can we say, how bout them Cowboys?

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How bout them jets. How bout the dolphins beating the patriots in the Miami miracle. I actually watched cowboys eagles. Congrats. But the nfc is tough at the top might be hard to beat the 3 teams ahead of them. Saints, rams and bears.

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Do you see Tyrone smith is sporting a knee brace on his elbow because his mtf arm is that of a beast?

Nope I dunno who he is. Is he a defensive back on the cowgirls ;$

This is roughly the order I rank teams at having a chance to win it all

1a saints
1b chiefs
1c rams
4 patriots
5 Houston
6 chargers
7 bears

Then if I had to pick a team for 8 it’d be the cowboys but I think it’s gonna come down to those 7 teams.

Z Martin and t Smith are topping the o line dude.

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My ■■■■■■■ foodie got lost and they’re out of stock. Store wants to refund and not send. Wtf, I was getting it for 132 after coupons

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What’s that have to do with football :upside_down_face: lol. Joking!!

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I wanted it for food for football…fuuuuuck, get with the program! Jk jk :rofl:

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Going to decorate it with beautiful stars :rofl:. Nah, I just need to feed the beast :hugs:

Go Texans! 151515

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