Can we reassure those who doubt us?

Yes, I know you think I’m unreliable, Yes, I know you think I’ll go off on a flakey tangent, Yes, I know you think I’m a quitter. And I’m going to prove you are wrong.
Can you do that? I’m going to challenge myself.

Yay Chordy!
You can do it! I know you can, show us and hold your head high!

Always defend your character, not your reputation,
because character is who you are
and reputation is what others think of you-(which can change on a whim.)


I want people to doubt me, at least to a small extent. I think anyone can mess up, including myself.

Are you saying you don’t want to be idealized? Because I agree to that, their excuse to work you to the bone.

I think I’m saying I lack confidence, but I don’t want to be idealized, either. Christ was idealized, and they crucified him.

Yeah, lack of confidence is a problem with the MI. Sometimes you have to trace it to loved ones who didn’t believe in you and that is a painful process.